Customized Service Projects:

Unity helps provide a broad range of opportunities for individuals and groups to engage in sustainable development projects in various areas, including education, public health, the arts, and agriculture. Unity partners with local community leaders, government agencies
and NGOs on the design and implementation of these projects. The scope of the work depends on participants’ interests and skills, as well as time frame, group size, and the expressed needs of the beneficiary communities. Service projects also provide volunteers with transformative learning experiences. For more information, or call +233543023960


Past Projects:

  • Housing construction at Egyeikrom UN Refugee Camp, (Yale International Relations Association)
  • Training smallholder farmers in sustainable agricultural methods (One Loaf Foundation)
  • New toilet facility, Kobina Ansa Senior High School, (Rotary International)
  • Construction of two kindergarten classrooms, Kobina Ansa Primary School, (Wesleyan University Green Fund & City College of New York)
  • After school instruction in traditional drumming and dance, Kobina Ansa Junior High School (Unity Ecovillage)
  • School demo gardens in Manpong and Kobina Ansa (Agricorps & One Loaf Foundation)

Our team is ready to work with you on designing a project that is meaningful to you and also helps to improve the quality of life in the region.

For more information contact: